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'Assorted Bowties' Print Waistcoat

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'Assorted Bowties' Print Waistcoat - TS438
Chest 34 £74.99£59.99
Chest 36 £74.99£59.99
Chest 38 £74.99£59.99
Chest 40 £74.99£59.99
Chest 42 £74.99£59.99
Chest 44 £74.99£59.99
Chest 46 £74.99£59.99
Chest 48 £79.99£64.99
Chest 50 - to fit max Stomach 50" £79.99£64.99
Chest 52 - to fit max Stomach 52" £84.99£69.99
Chest 54 - to fit max Stomach 54" £84.99£69.99
Chest b56 & over - Stomach 56" & over £94.99£79.99

A print of assorted bowties cover the front of this waistcoat on a diagonal pinstripe black background. 

Waistcoat Style TS438
Front Fabric Cotton
Colour Multi
Buttons Black Satin Covered
Back & Lining Black Polyester

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