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Festive Floral Pattern Waistcoat from Tom Sawyer Waistcoats
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Festive Floral Pattern Waistcoat

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Festive Floral Pattern Waistcoat - TS353
Chest 34£79.99
Chest 36£79.99
Chest 38£79.99
Chest 40£79.99
Chest 42£79.99
Chest 44£79.99
Chest 46£79.99
Chest 48£84.99
Chest 50 - to fit max Stomach 50"£84.99
Chest 52 - to fit max Stomach 52"£89.99
Chest 54 - to fit max Stomach 54"£89.99
Chest 56 & over - Stomach 56" & over£99.99

Festive Floral Patterned Christmas Waistcoat
A morris-inspired traditional festive pattern of poinsetta and foliage on a rich cream background.

Waistcoat Style TS353
Front Fabric Cotton
Colour Red and green on rich Cream
Buttons Fabric Covered

Back & Lining

Rich Cream Satin

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Merry Christmas from Tom Sawyer Waistcoats.
A selection of festive waistcoats to choose from. Great Christmas waistcoats, fun for Parties, Black Tie affairs or as that unique present you’ve looked everywhere for.
"The waistcoats have arrived and judging by the squeals and shrieks and gasps I’m sure they are perfect! I can’t say how much I appreciate what you have done and the time in which you have arranged it all is inspiring! I recommend a pay rise for the pixies working in your workshop as they have done a sterling job. I was secretly expecting Father Christmas to deliver them himself!" AA
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