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Woof Woof Grrr Waistcoat

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Woof Woof Grrr Waistcoat - TS240
Chest 34£64.00
Chest 36£64.00
Chest 38£64.00
Chest 40£64.00
Chest 42£64.00
Chest 44£64.00
Chest 46£64.00
Chest 48£68.00
Chest 50 - to fit max Stomach 50"£68.00
Chest 52 - to fit max Stomach 52"£71.00
Chest 54 - to fit max Stomach 54"£71.00
Chest 56 & over - Stomach 56"£79.00
Matching Pre-tied Bowtie (Men's)£16.95
Matching Pre-tied Bowtie (Boy's)£14.95

Woof, Woof, Grrr – certainly an unusual design and an ideal dog lovers waistcoat.

Waistcoat Style TS240
Front Fabric Cotton
Colour Black, White and Grey
Buttons Fabric covered

Front Lining

Black Polyester
White Satin

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