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Lilac 'Rumours' Waistcoat

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Lilac 'Rumours' Waistcoat - TS089LILAC
Chest 34£84.99
Chest 36£84.99
Chest 38£84.99
Chest 40£84.99
Chest 42£84.99
Chest 44£84.99
Chest 46£84.99
Chest 48£89.99
Chest 50 - to fit max Stomach 50"£89.99
Chest 52 - to fit max Stomach 52"£94.99
Chest 54 - to fit max Stomach 54"£94.99
Chest 56 & over - Stomach 56" & over£99.99
(Boys) size 2£59.99
(Boys) size 4£59.99
(Boys) size 6£59.99
(Boys) size 8£59.99
(Boys) size 10£59.99
(Boys) size 12£69.99
(Boys) size 14£69.99

The woven lilac swirl design on this waistcoat is mirrored by the swirls on the background. AS with most of our waistcoats, this waistcoat is made to order so that if you need extra large sizes or extra length waistcoats or boys waistcoats to match the men, all sizes are available.

Waistcoat Style TS089-LILAC
Front Fabric Rumours (non-silk)
Colour Lilac
Buttons Silver patterned
Back & Lining Ivory Satin

You can click here to view our waistcoat size chart. 
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Wedding Waistcoats

Most of the lilac waistcoats and neckwear that we sell are individually made to order.Small boys sizes and extra large or extra long sizes can all be accomodated. The linings and buttons will be “as shown” in the pictures unless you request a variation.
"I took the waistcoat and cravat over to my son this evening. He is thrilled. I just wanted to write and say how exceptional I think your service is. It was extremely quick, efficient, friendly, well made and knowledgeable." CC
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