Waistcoat Tartan Silk Fabric Chart

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This range of Silk tartan fabrics is available for waistcoats made to order.
(Subject to fabric stock availability.)

Please enter the tartan name, reference number and 'the date required by' together with any measurements in the special instructions box at checkout.

Ancient Crawford JHT145

Ancient Davidson JHT188

Ancient Douglas JHT147

Ancient Johnson JHT187

Ancient Macleod JHT149

Antique Buchanan JHT190

Antique Royal Stewart JHT189

Baird JHT100

Black Watch JHT29

Buchanan JHT101

Burns JHT150

Camel Stewart JHT35

Cameron JHT96

Campbell JHT102

Dark Maple JHT39

Dress Gordon JHT28

Erskine Black and White JHT32

Flower of Scotland JHT109

Dress Stewart JHT27

Forbes JHT87

Fraser JHT186

Gunn JHT97

Hunting Maclean JHT84

Hunting Macmillan JHT106

Hunting Macrae JHT85

Hunting Ross JHT103

Lindsay JHT38

Macduff of Duff JHT82

Mackay JHT182

Mackenzie JHT30

Mackintosh JHT98

Macnaughton JHT180

Macpherson JHT148

Modern Lindsay JHT181

Modern Macdonald JHT77

Modern Mackay JHT183

Murray JHT185

Old Baird JHT110

Old Wallace JHT79

Prince Charles JHT31

Princess Mary JHT34

Red Ramsey JHT33

Robertson JHT107

Royal Stewart JHT26

Ruthven JHT78

Scottish National JHT108


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